Water Rescue and Reboarding

The water Rescuing and Reboarding is a vital part of paddling activities. Make sure that you have a good instructor and rescue leader along with your other paddler fellows. If that is not a case then you yourself can act as a leader in rescue with good training. But in that case, you have to make sure your boat is within an area of rescue if you want to rescue with less assistance. One best way to reduce this risk is keeping track of your paddle.

You should also learn to reboard your boat once you fall into the water. Once you feel that you might have to drop yourself into the water, just swim across, come back to your boat, keep your feet flat at the surface, swim across not up on to your boat, hold both the side of the boat for balance.

If there are other members along with who might need assistance, keep an eye and provide assistance when necessary. Since most of the paddling activities are done in a group, definitely there must be a group leader who will take the initiative of all the process, it is advisable that all members follow the team for a better result.