Other material or equipment with Paddlers

Clothes: Just like any other outdoor activities Paddlers have their costume too. They have to get themselves ready as per the weather conditions. There are a variety of clothes in design and in fabrics but they have to be chosen based on sun, wind and water protection.

Footwear: Choose right footwear, which gives the paddler most comfort while paddling. A discomfort one will spoil the sport. Again this also depends on weather conditions.

Sun protection methods: Sun protection is very important for the paddlers. Skin, while exposed to the rays, causes the skin to be unhealthy therefore good sun protection cream has to be applied all over the skin while paddling.

First Aid box: Always make sure that a First Aid box is carried with every paddling activity. There are chances of getting hurt or any kind of injury to the body. Safety and taking right precaution is always better for paddlers.

Take care of paddle: After paddling make sure you clean all your paddling stuff cleaning, remove the dirt and the sand or mud in the paddle. This will ensure the long life of your paddle.

Make a checklist: Make a checklist of all the things that you have to carry for paddling. This will ensure you have not left any important things behind. Also, this checklist will help you at the end of paddle too. You can recheck your checklist once again and see if you have not left behind any important kinds of stuff.

These are few of the equipment and materials that every paddler will have to carry with them for safety purpose.